Iona is a Changeling Avenger/Rogue who grew up in the city of Sharn on Eberron, and trained as a assassin/infiltrator/thief for the various deities she had served, changing her faith almost on a whim like most other changelings.

one day however a geas was placed upon Iona by one of the Sovereign Host till she completed an unspecified task, preventing her from gaining access to boons and prayers from other deities. Perhaps this journey to Athas was the task she needed to complete. However, Ao’s comment on there never having been a geas on her has led her to question everything she has learnt, and even if Ao is as powerful and knowledgeable as everyone else assumes him to be..

She is used to mingling with crowds of different races in towns and cities, and is generally open and somewhat carefree with most matters, as long as it doesnt threaten whatever cover or guise she is maintaining at the moment. Coming from Eberron, she is well versed in alchemy, and when travelling in the desert of Athas, misses the elemental airships, lightning rail trains, and the various other comforts of home.

Used to changing company, Iona quickly fell in with the rest of the group and considers the others as trusted companions…… until further notice.

General stuff

Iona is a changeling. she tries not to stir the cauldron too much, but she knows that if she wants to, she can. and mix it well too while she’s at it(or not so well, depending on who’s side ur on). her alignment is unaligned leaning to chaotic good.


when in unfamiliar areas, she typically tries to blend in while she gets a feel of the locals. her cover is important to her, and she takes steps to ensure it is solid. after all, the safest place in battle, is anywhere no one is trying to attack.

while she doesnt mind occationally sticking her neck out for something, she’d really rather not be the first, the last, or heavens forbid, the only one doing it. she doesnt like getting caught, and if she has to get caught, she always makes sure theres a scapegoat, or someone bigger to hide behind.

Modus operandi

she isnt as sneaky as other assassin types, but she uses her change shape ability to the same effect, both when getting in and getting out of a big mess. big explosions are really fun, but its even better if no one knows she did it.

she also uses her change shape ability in battle, and it has proven to be highly effective, confusing and intimidating her opponents.

if she has no time to prepare before battle, she tries to get the jump on her enemies, or failing that, at least make sure they dont surprise her. she plays like an assassin, using any advantage she can, while using the reach of her spiked chains to stay a step ahead of danger.

advance notice will allow her to prepare some alchemical aids for the party, like smoke screens and explosives.

If she have as much time as she needs, infiltration and sabotage becomes possible.

Party relations

Iona think of herself first, the party close second, and powerful people third. the party is close second, because if something happens to them, chances are she’ll get hit by it too. by “thinking of powerful people”, she means thinking of how to get her hands on their power, or failing that, their backing.

Iona warmed up to Anna a little, as Anna seems to be the only other one who doesnt think with her muscles. however, Anna’s penchant to abandon everything to help anyone she can is starting to make Iona question that decision.

as for the rest, she will reserve her comments for now.


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