heroes of athas and the dark sun

The begining

We start with our heroes on there respective worlds doing what they do best, be it picking strawberries for the upcoming harvest or raiding a tomb for a specific artifact they have been after for some time. All of a sudden, balls of light, so bright the eye can barely look upon their beauty, fall from the sky. They hover when they reach the ground and slowly make their way to each hero on the different worlds. The heroes hear a voice telling them they have been summoned and not to be afraid.

the moment they touch the orb, their bodies and possessions unravel into a thousand motes that by the orb’s magic streak into the Void, the space where the planes themselves float in, outside of even the laws of time. When they finally reach their destination they are greeted by a huge dragon, Ao, the overgod of Abeir-Toril himself. He has summoned the heroes with the strongest faith from 5 of the strongest dieties in the universe.

he informs them that there is a planet that is dying.. and they are its last hope. He tells them of Athas and what happened to this planet, how it use to be green and very fertile, but is now a wasteland of desert and sand because of sorcerer kings and their relentless use of arcane magic. He also tells them that a sorcerer king has now found a long lost artifact built by the gods themselves eons ago, a machine powerful enough to control time itself. The heroes accept the mission with varying enthusiasm, some with doubts about why they have been chosen and why they were took from their own lives to help this planet they never knew existed.

It is the year of the comet on Athas, and that very comet is to be their vehicle to the desert planet. Ao dosent send them alone: the gods have created 1 item for each of them, items with special seal that no one except the bearers can remove the items.

Arriving in Athas, they gather their various possessions and head for a city in the distance some 5 miles away. Their presence in Tyr is not met with great welcome. they see farmers barely keeping their crop alive, children playing in a watering hole thats almost dry, and find out slaves are to be murdered in the arena. After some deliberation, they stock up on badly needed supplies for desert survival and head to the arena to see what the fuss was about. Anna could not bear the thought of letting practically unarmed innocents battle monsters for sport and jumps down into the pit to defend them with her life. The rest follow suit, declaring themselves as Divine heroes. As the gods of Athas had long since abandoned the planet, clerics and other divine classes have not been seen for millennia. If the High Templar King thought he is going to see slaves and simpletons die that day, the heroes prove him wrong. Amid the chaotic murmuring and shouts of the bewildered crowd, they slay the giant golem with mighty strokes of gleaming metal weapons no one in Arthas has ever seen before, provoking the High Templar’s rage.

The curtain closes as the High Templar orders the guards to seize the heroes and throw them in jail. What twists does destiny hold in store for our heroes? What will high templar king do to them and what does he want? These are questions only time can answer.

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